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Daughter of the Moon Goddess

A rich, immersive fantasy.

Daughter of the moon goddess, Xingyin's entire existence is a secret. When she is forced to flee her home on the moon she takes refuge undercover in the home of the celestial rulers who imprisoned her mother. She is faced with a difficult choice - keep her secret, and the life she has built for herself, and accept that she will never see her mother again, or risk everything for the chance to free her.

Xingyin is a great protagonist who is faced with difficult decisions throughout. I loved the warrior aspects of her personality - this is a heroine who doesn't need a hero to rescue her. She's endlessly resourceful, even when it looks like all hope is lost. I also loved her emotional growth.

The world building is rich and immersive, and the story is full of high stakes, magic and action. It explores the importance of family and standing up for what is right. There were also some great twists that I didn't see coming. I get the feeling that the story isn't quite finished yet, and I would love to read book two if there's one in the works.

I was provided with an advanced copy for review via NetGalley


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