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Mole just loves to label things! From toadstools to ladybirds, he sticks little white name labels on everything he sees. Until, that is, he comes across an enormous, lumpy-bumpy thing he's never seen before. With it's big pointy teeth and label-munching appetite, is DANGEROUS the best way to describe it?

This picture book would be a great way to cover adjectives in school, and could lead to so many different activities. It's also another brilliant story about being careful how you make judgements about others, and the impact our words and descriptions can have. In a world where the labels we give ourselves and others can cause division, upset and harm, it's a subtle way to start an important conversation. It's also very funny! Warnes' descriptions are full of humour and we had lots of fun reading Moles' very-many labels.

Thank you Little Tiger for sending us a copy to review.

Dangerous is written and illustrated by Tim Warnes.


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