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Clementine's Walk

Clementine wants to go for a walk, but everyone is busy. James is trying to finish a puzzle, Granny is knitting and even the baby doesn't want to (although the baby doesn't want to do anything!) Later, when everyone is finally free, they can't find Clementine anywhere. Will she get to go on her walk?

This lovely picture book is lots of fun to read, offering a dog's-eye-view of the world as we follow Clementine on her search for a walking buddy. I think a lot of small children will actually be able to relate all to readily to wanting to go out and play and being frustrated when every one is already busy doing something else! It has an upbeat rhyme scheme and a fast pace, making it a great daytime read - especially if you're about to venture out on a walk.

I love Annie White's illustrations, which give each member of the household lots of personality. The bright green cover is eye-catching and perfect for Spring. But it's fluffy Clementine who steals the attention on every page!

Thank you Catch a Star for sending a copy for review.

Clementine's Walk is written and illustrated by Annie White


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