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Christie and Agatha's Blog Tour

When Agatha is given the opportunity to meet her favourite author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, she nervously agrees, but soon finds herself in the midst of a mystery of her own. Can she and her twin sister Christie locate a very important sandwich in time for its grand scientific reveal?

A Discovery Disappears is a brilliant mystery story for younger readers, with enough clues to allow them to solve the case alongside its protagonists, without the outcome being obvious from the start.

Christie and Agatha were fun protagonists children will warm to. I really liked how shy and nervous Agatha was - completely different to the confidence you'd expect from a budding detective. I also think a lot of readers would behave in the same way she does at the party! Christine's more blunt approach provides a great contrast in comparison.

For my stop on the tour, I asked author Pip Murphy for her Top 5 Fictional Detectives. Here are her replies:

  • Tintin

  • McLevy

  • Falco

  • L

  • Paulo Baldi

If you want to know more about A Discovery Disappears, you can check out the previous tour stops on the blogs below. The fun continues tomorrow at Margaret's Reading Shelf.

Thank you Sweet Cherry Publishing for sending me a copy to review and letting me be a part of the tour.

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