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Today I'm posting about something a little bit different - the TikTok channel from from Bonnier Books UK - BooksForKidsUK. It features new and upcoming releases from Bonnier Books imprints Templar, Piccadilly Press, Studio and Big Picture Press.

I only really use TikTok for book updates, so this was an account I was keen to follow straight away. It features books for children from 0-12, with recommendations, board book sturdiness ratings and shiny book covers. It's a fun celebration of the Bonnier Books younger titles. Most of the publisher accounts I follow are for books for teenagers, so I like that this one caters for a different audience.

The channel is quite new and definitely worth checking out if you're a parent of children in the target audience, or like reading children's books. They are also now only 40 followers away from 1000, and when they reach that target they'll be taking part in Maisie Chan's #KeepDancingLizzieChu challenge!

Thank you Bonnier Books for getting in touch about this channel and asking me to share it.

Are there any other BookTok accounts I should definitely be following? Let me know!


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