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Books about Art and Colour

Beautiful books that help little readers learn.

Mix It Up

Shake pages, squish the book and mix up the colours for a rainbow display of art and creativity. We were bought a copy for Mix It Up for Christmas and it's quickly become one of our most-loved board books. It's just so much fun! Thanks to its interactive elements this book is as popular with my older kids as it is with my toddler.

Colour Gallery

This clever board book is an introduction to colours and styles of art, with each page of its pull-out, rainbow gallery dedicated to a different art form. We've enjoyed looking for hidden details on each page, as well as spotting famous pieces.

Colours, Colours Everywhere

This is one of the most beautiful picture books I've ever been sent. Join Ava on a rainbow adventure with lots of surprises! With peep-through gaps, fold out pages and a fun rhyme scheme, it's such a treat to read. I loved the inclusive elements too.


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