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Blog Tour: Rudy

This exciting new series was an immediate hit with my five year old, who loved everything about these adventure and friendship filled chapter books.

Werewolf Rudy loves nothing more than spending all day learning new tricks at the skatepark with his friends Edie and Femi. But when someone's in trouble - whether it's a wolf cub who's lost his pack, or a new boy at school in need of a friend - he'll drop everything to help.

This series features a great group of friends, and a crazy and clever cast of spooky side characters (we especially liked the angry skeleton Rudy meets in the woods). They're atmospheric but not scary, and perfect to enjoy as we approach Halloween.

Thanks to Rudy's desire to help those in need, they have gentle messages about acceptance, friendship and kindness. Rudy makes plenty of mistakes, whether it's creeping out alone at night, or lashing out angrily when he's upset, but his friends and family help him use these mistakes to grow. I especially loved Edie as the patient voice of reason.

The pictures added brilliant comedy and creepiness to accompany the text. The two-toned illustrations reminded me of the Isodora Moon and Kitty books, and it's great to see a similar series with a boy as the protagonist.

I can definitely see this series being a hit in KS1 classrooms. They're perfect for children who are ready to move beyond picture books, but aren't ready for middle grade novels yet.

I've already been asked (multiple times) when we can get book three. Thank you so much MidasPR and Oxford Children's Books for sending us copies of books one and two to review.

Rudy and the Wolf Cub and Rudy and the Monster at School are written by Paul Westmoreland and illustrated by George Ermos.


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