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Blog Tour: How to be Brave

Duck and biscuit filled fun from beginning to end!

Calla's mum is visiting the Amazon rainforest on a research trip devoted to her favourite duck, so Calla will be spending six months at the boarding school her mum attended as a child. But neither the research trip, nor the school, are what they seem, and Calla is going to have be the bravest she's ever been to keep both herself and her mum safe.

My favourite thing about this story was the footnotes. Sadly (or perhaps fortunately for you) I don't seem to be able to add footnotes to the blog, otherwise this post would be full of them too. They provided so much additional humour and depth to the story and were incredibly fun to read, even digitally when they don't format as neatly as they would in a printed book.

The relationship between Calla and her mother, Elizabeth, was central to this story and really special. But over the course of the story, Calla also makes and learns to rely on a fantastic group of friends. Edie was a brilliant character who brought adventure and humour to every scene she was in. The nuns and their lessons were another endless source of delight - there was nothing these sisters couldn't teach!

I really enjoyed How to be Brave and am so pleased I got the chance to take part in this tour. Read this novel with some sweet treats on hand though - from discussions about ganache to secret biscuit stashes, it is guaranteed to leave you hungry!


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