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Blog Tour: Emerald and the Ocean Parade

Emerald is a brilliant new instalment in the world of Isadora Moon!

Emerald is struggling to adjust to her new life as a Princess. Her stepfather, King Auster, and stepsister, Princess Delphina, are great, but she still doesn't feel like she fits into royal life. She's worried about spending the Ocean Parade in the royal carriage wearing an elaborate headdress, and would much rather be watching from the crowds with her friends. But maybe there isn't only one way to be a princess - and Emerald can embrace her new life while remaining true to herself.

This is a wonderful story about accepting and celebrating who you are! Emerald knows that the fancy headdresses she tries on in the shop and a regal royal wave don't feel like 'her' but her friends and family help her to understand that she can do things her own way too, whether that's wearing a headdress made by her best friend Oceana, or waving in an enthusiast and friendly manner.

I loved all of the underwater touches, from sea-weed themed food to carriages pulled by dolphins and clamshell beds with sea-sponge pillows! Emeralds world is both creative and enchanting.

The green and black illustrations really pop, and the style works so well alongside the Isadora Moon and Mirabelle books. I also loved Emerald's little pet octopus Inkibelle (who doesn't always fit into to royal life either) and the huge, sometimes full page, illustrations this book has.

The final pages are also packed with activities, quizzes and even a sneak peak of book two. If you are a fan of Isadora Moon and Mirabelle, get ready to fall in love with Emerald too. And if you haven't checked these books out yet and have a little reader ages 5-8 (although even my toddler was admiring the pictures when this arrived) then make sure you do! We immediately recognised Emerald from Isadora Moon under the sea, but this book also works well as a stand-alone, without any prior knowledge of the existing characters needed.

Thank you so much Midas PR and Oxford Childrens for sending us a copy of this glittering, brilliant chapter book to review.


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