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Blog Tour: Cursed Tales

Today is my stop on the blog tour for the brilliantly creepy Cursed Tales, The Pharaoh of the Asco Express.

Whatever happens, no matter what, DO NOT step into Asco Express because you might just end up leaving with more than you bargained for…

When eleven-year-old Wesley stops by at a mysterious local shop to buy a drink, he does not realise the trouble he is getting himself into. CURSED by the fiendish Pharaoh AKAHTEN IX, Wesley and his friends, Marishana and Aiden, must solve the evil spell quickly or be trapped for all ETERNITY!

Cursed Tales is a brand-new series bringing ancient scares to life.

Readers BEWARE – this story will leave you wrapped up and wanting your mummy!

Did you know that this year is the 100-year anniversary of the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb by Howard Carter? Cursed Tales arrives just in time for young historians to get stuck into a new spine-chilling tale!

When eleven-year-old Wesley, finds himself trapped in a life of eternal employment at Asco Express, he and his friends, Marishana and Aiden, will do anything to break the cursed contract he was tricked into signing. But can three school children really unravel a complex curse written in an ancient language they can't even read? It's not going to be easy - especially with the sinister Pharaoh AKAHTEN IX watching their every move...

Cursed Tales has just the right level of creepiness and frights for its target age group, with plenty of jumpy moments and lots of peril.

The mystery elements will keep young readers turning the page. There are some excellent cliff hangers at the ends of chapters (and the end of the book!) which ensure this is gripping from beginning to end.

It follows a strong cast of characters, each with their own strengths, and despite its fantastical backdrop, also deals with very real-world problems, like the anxiety of moving onto a different secondary school without your best friends.

I also thought the language level was pitched really well. This is easy to read but still really exciting and full of great descriptions.

There are some fun (and chilling!) facts about ancient Egypt - perfect for readers who have just covered this topic at school - as well as fantastic food and drink based puns and some brilliant magazine titles!

Thank you so much New Frontier Publishing for letting me take part in this tour, and sending me a copy of Cursed Tales for review.

Cursed Tales is written by Jake R. Wilson


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