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Blog Tour: Amari and the Night Brothers

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Step aside, Harry Potter, there's a new magical master of children's literature and her name is Amari Peters.

When Amari's big brother, Quinton vanishes without a trace, she is determined to find him. But when a mysterious suitcase is delivered to her door, and Quinton himself seems to take her on a flying boat, Amari quickly learns that her search will take her to a place more extraordinary than she could ever have imagined. The Bureau of Supernatural Affairs has been operating in secret around the world, keeping magical creatures safe and coming up with cover stories for the unexplainable, and Amari has just been given the opportunity to join their summer programme, like her brother before her. Making Junior Agent seems like the best way to uncover what really happened to her brother, but to do so Amari will have to overcome prejudice and learn who she can trust within the Bureau's magical walls.

I loved this book and can't wait to read it again, with my daughter this time as I know she's going to love it too. It has everything you could want from a magical Middle Grade: brilliant characters, high stakes and superb world building.

Alston's world building is really special, and was definitely my favourite thing about this story. The magical world Amari finds herself in will delight readers and leave them desperate to receive their own nomination to join the Bureau. It was filled with so many small (and usually very funny) details - from cleverly titled magazines, to the Bureau's many, jaw dropping floors.

This novel also has a fantastic cast of magical characters. I loved Amari and Elsie's friendship and can't wait to see what they get up to next. Amari's bond with her brother, Quinton, was another highlight.

The plot had lots of twists and turns and was fast paced and engaging. I can see this story being very popular and it will appeal to a wide range of readers, who will love Amari and her world. This has all the markings of a hugely successful series.

Thank you so much Egmont and The Write Reads for sending me an advanced copy to review.


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