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An Alien in the Jam Factory

This funny story kept me entertained from beginning to end.

Scooter McLay is a secret jam inventor extraordinaire, but life in his family's state of the art factory is lonely. Their jealous neighbour Daffy Dodgy is always trying to uncover Scooter's top secret recipes, so Scooter has to keep his entire life on lockdown - until a tiny, jam-loving alien called Fizzbee comes to visit!

An unforgettable hamster, an alien in a flying jam tart and a factory with its own rollercoaster are just some of the brilliant things to be found in this story. It's perfect for younger independent readers. I've already started rereading it with my six year old and she loves it too. I think this would be a big hit in classrooms. Scooter also has cerebral palsy, which isn't something I've seen represented in children's fiction very often.

I loved the artwork, which brought these characters to life in a funny and adorable way.

An Alien in the Jam Factory is an unmissable story about friendships, secrets, and finding someone you can be yourself with (as well as aliens and jam!)

I was provided with an advanced copy of this story for review via NetGalley


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