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Along Came Fox

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Along Came a Fox is a lovely story about friendship and how we should treat others.

Bramble the fox is out looking for fireflies when she encounters another fox who startles her. Embarrassed by her fright, Bramble reacts angrily, making the other fox angry in return. But after some time to think about her response, Bramble realises she'd much rather make friends with the stranger - if it isn't too late.

This is a brilliant story for exploring emotions, and prompting conversations with children about how they react in certain situations, encouraging emotional maturity as well as exploring how to make friends. Bramble reacts crossly when she's embarrassed, even though she doesn't mean to be angry, and I think a lot of readers (young and old!) will be able to relate to this. This story encourages readers to consider why others might be angry - they might be upset, or scared or embarrassed - and to let that guide their own responses.

There's a beautiful quote from Twig the owl which would work well in a nursery or classroom setting: "What we give out is what we get back. Tonight you have that fox your smile, and that's exactly how friendship begins."

Cally Johnson-Isaacs' artwork is very sweet and this story is filled with soft illustrations and adorable animals. Every page has a lovely, nighttime woodland background filled with bright poppies.

I was sent a hardback copy of Along Came Fox last year, and am reposting my original review to celebrate its release in paperback.

Along Came a Fox is written by Georgina Deutsch and illustrated by Cally Johnson-Isaacs


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