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Albert Johnson and the Buns of Steel

A fun new Barrington Stoke story about family expectations, baking and a robot gone wrong.

Albert Johnson comes from a long line of bakers, but he's more interested in playing sports than baking cakes. His dad creates a robot to replace him in the kitchen, but disaster strikes when the robot reveals it has baking plans of its own. When it looks like all hope is lost - and the rampaging robot is set to take over the world with buns of steel - Albert puts his sporting skills to the test in a final baked good showdown.

This book is guaranteed to have young readers giggling! Steve May's bright, engaging artwork holds interest and brings the baking chaos to life. As part of the Little Gems series, with a brilliant balance of illustrations and Barrington Stoke's clear dyslexia friendly font, Buns of Steel is perfect for readers beginning to gain confidence.

Thank you Barrington Stoke for sending me a copy of Albert Johnson and the Buns of Steel to review.

Albert Johnson is written by Phil Earle and illustrated by Steve May


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