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A Thousand Heartbeats

A Thousand Heartbeats is a cute, dual-perspective romance with strong twists and a satisfying ending.

Princess Annika of Kadier will do anything for her country - so much so that she's willing to accept a loveless marriage insisted on by her father to keep her people safe. But beyond the kingdom boundary, Lennox and his people lie in wait, dreaming of a day when they can reclaim the land that is rightfully theirs. When a chance meeting throws Annika and Lennox together their lives - and the futures of everyone around them - will never be the same again.

This novel explores the murky truth of 'history' and who it benefits, as well as the many different forms toxic and dangerous relationships can take.

It has a cute romance storyline (as you'd expect from a Kiera Cass novel) but also some great friendships and a lovely sibling relationship too. It was a sweet, quick read and I really enjoyed it.

I was provided with an advanced copy for review on Netgalley


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