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44 Tiny Chefs

This is one of my six year old's favourite series and we love sharing these stories together.

In this instalment, Betsy's dad has opened a bakery and her 44 tiny mice have become icing superstars. But with a surprise health and safety check due at any moment - day or night - could their new found talent mean an end to Bertram's new dream? Throw in a very important order, some mysterious phone calls and a trip to one of London's most exclusive addresses, and mouse-filled chaos is guaranteed.

The single colour illustrations work really well and add to the fun whenever they feature. My daughter and I are hoping this series continues so that we can collect more colours!

We love Betsy's whole family - especially Grandad with his wiggly elbows. There are some great new characters were introduced in this book too.

Funny, uplifting, full of family and a group of very talented pets. I cannot recommend the 44 Secret books enough for younger middle grade readers. They're perfect summer holiday entertainment, so if you have a little reader who is looking for something new to read, you should definitely check this series out.

I was sent a copy of 44 Tiny Chefs for review

44 Tiny Chefs is written by Sylvia Bishop and illustrated by Ashley King


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